Drawing Installation

W 8ft 11’’ x H 9ft(variable) x D 2ft

Medium/materials: Paper, pencils and blades. ( This installation is comprised of two sections. The first is hand cut paper and the second is the negative image of the first created with pencil. )

Working with the notion of perspective within an image and simplifying it into positive and negative space, this piece deals with the possibility of creating a work which subsumes both two dimensional and three dimensional elements. The positive space of the image is pulled outwards entering the domain which the viewer occupies, dividing it from the negative. This allows for a work which lingers on the edge of each definition, neither completely one nor the other, but both simultaneously.

This piece was completed in 2012 and exhibited in The Drawing Project, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin




Inside view of Sunder, Drawing Installation

(W 8ft 11’’ x H 9ft(variable) x D 2ft)


Crazy Man Michael

Drawing Installation, 2011

Various Materials

L(20ft) x W(6ft) x H (8ft)


Crazy Man Michael is a drawing installation depicting the narrative of a song by the same title. As the viewer walks through the tunnel structure the panels on either side illustrate different parts of the story and correspond with each other, each panel drawing is 8ft in height and 4ft in width. At the climax of the story the drawings literally come out of the page and into the space connecting three panels and interfering with the viewers path. The tunnel structure provides a semi enclosed space allowing the viewer to become enveloped by the narrative.

There are many different versions of the song Crazy Man Michael but this piece was created with the version recorded by Fairport Convention in 1969 specifically in mind. It is a tragic piece based around the mental torment of the protagonist which eventually causes him to spiral out of control and kill the woman he loves. The terrible notion of being trapped somewhere between the conscious and sub-conscious mind is what is particularly intriguing and tragic about the narrative.



The Experience Has Been Suspended Indefinitely

Six Drawings: Pencil on Paper (  L 7ft approx x W 3ft approx each ) 2012

Curiosity is always enhanced when the object of that curiosity has been denied to the curious. Attempted prevention is the most effective encouragement. The desire to see what is unseen and to discover what is yet unknown increases with the knowledge that it is unobtainable.

The Experience has been Suspended Indefinitely shows a group of people caught in the moment of beholding something. A captivated barrier, the sight which is entrancing them is unseen by everyone else. They are all standing transfixed by the same view or subject, which the real viewer will never see and will therefore only be able to imagine.

Fairy Tale Forest

Installation, 2015, The MAC, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Materials: MDF, Recycled Books, Foliage, Hand Cut Paper, Vinyl.

This piece was commissioned by The Metropolitan Arts Centre (The MAC), Belfast, to coincide with their production of Rumplestiltskin (November - December 2015). This piece incorporates elements from the fairy tales collected by the Brother's Grimm. The installation was designed to be walked through and was opened at the same time as the performance. Hidden inside the Fairy Tale Forest were the individual hand cut letters of Rumplestiltskin. The piece opened on the 22nd of November 2015 and closed on the 4th of January 2016.