“Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.” - Henry Adams

This ongoing project began as purely a photographic one and evolved into a series of 'water drawings'.

The ephemeral and transformational nature of these works mean that no two drawings are ever the same. The Indian inks are manipulated in a container of water with a variety of tools and instruments. There is a brief window of time to capture the drawing before it disappears into the water. From the moment that the inks touch the water to the moment that they disappear they are constantly changing. This creates an incredible visual display, if only for a moment. The control comes at the beginning of the process when the inks are first placed into the water, they are manipulated not only by the actual instrument but also by the motion and speed at which they hit the water. As the inks begin to mix with the water they pull away from their point of entry and continuously metamorphose until they are no longer visible.